What is permeable paving?
Permeable paving (or Porous Paving) is a resin bound aggregate mix which allows water to drain freely through the surface and down into the ground beneath, unlike other paving systems where the water hits the surface then naturally flows to the lowest point possible which is normally a drain, which would mean that this water is transported to our waterways.
What is eco void?

Eco Void is our sub base replacement system which allows the capture and management of the storm water which drains through our permeable paving. Eco Void is made up of plastic cells which are used in place of conventional aggregate fill materials giving a high void ratio. Depending on the material the cells are encased in the eco void system can be used for detention, retention and/or infiltration.

Where can Permeable Paving be used?
Drainaway Paving’s permeable paving system is suitable for a wide range of applications including:
·        Pathways
·        Pedestrian areas
·        Driveways
·        Carparks
·        Tree Surrounds
·        Patios
·        Courtyards
·        Rooftop gardens
·        Playgrounds
·        Pool Surrounds
·        Art Features
·        Water Features
Resin Bound vs Resin Bonded

Resin Bound Paving is produced by mixing resin and aggregate in a forced action mixer and then applied to a suitable substrate and smoothed with a steel trowel. In Resin Bound Paving the aggregate is completely coated with the resin creating an extremely tough and flexible textured surface. Resin Bound Paving is porous/permeable with no loose aggregates. Resin Bound Paving has a typical lifespan in excess of 15 years (depending on usage).

Resin Bonded surfaces are produced when an aggregate is scattered onto resin which has been applied to a suitable substrate (concrete) creating a textured surface. Resin Bonded paving is not porous and some loose aggregate will remain. The typical lifespan of Resin Bonded Paving is 5-15 years (dependant on usage, resin thickness and aggregate selection).

How long will it last?

Correctly installed permeable paving from Drainaway Paving should typically have a lifespan in excess of 15 years.

Is it easy to clean?

Resin bound paving from Drainaway Paving is generally self cleaning with normal rainfall. If cleaning is required, a suitable cleaner and scrubbing brush will generally remove heavy marks or oil spots.

Will it stay shiny?

The surface resin will wear away in time causing the paving to lose its shine. This does not affect the permeable nature of the paving system. It is a simple process to apply a sealer coat of resin with a paint roller to restore the shine.

Can I drive on it?

Yes. If installed on a suitable sub-base which has been designed to withstand vehicle loads Drainaway Paving can be used in Carparks and Driveways.

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