Drainaway Paving is a premium quality resin bound permeable (porous) paving system for the commercial construction industry.


Drainaway Paving is a paving system which is architectural, safe and eco-friendly.


Our extensive range of natural pebbles, dyed pebbles, and coloured glass provides options for custom colour mixes, patterns and logos to be incorporated into a seamless paved area.


The permeable nature of Drainaway Paving removes water from the surface of a paved area quickly which not only reduces the slip hazard in that area but also reduces the amount of water transferred to surrounding paved areas or carried into buildings, all contributing to a safer environment.


The permeable nature of Drainaway Paving greatly reduces the amount of rainwater fed into the stormwater system and in many cases can be used as part of the soft landscape area in a development. In many cases this can significantly change the ratio between hard and soft landscaping.

Drainaway paving is now offering a structural sub surface water storage system as part of our paving system for new installations where water capture and re use is important. Ask about 'eco void'.

Eco-Void drainage cells can also be used for creating high strength low cost gravel or grass paved areas

The flexible nature of the resin in the Drainaway Paving system allows large expanses of paving to be laid without expansion joints, providing a smooth pavement surface like no other.

Our extensive range of coloured aggregates, and the customisable nature of our colours gives us the biggest range of colours in Australia, suitable for any project.

Drainaway Paving can be installed as an overlay on an existing paved surface (concrete, bitumen, paving), or on to a new sub base. The design and type of sub base will depend on whether you are looking to return rainwater to ground on site, or divert the water to an onsite water catchment/containment system, or to the stormwater drainage system.

Whichever sub base Drainaway Paving is installed, all rainwater will drain below the surface quickly rather than ponding on top, greatly reducing the amount of water pedestrians walk through and reduce the risk of slip/fall incidents.

Drainaway Paving is the perfect choice for any paved project.

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